Excel’s New Plastic Free Packaging



Excel are acutely aware of the damage that plastic has on the environment and are determined to lead the way in their industry to remove as much “single use plastic” from the supply chain as possible each year. As such, they have removed all of the single-use plastic from the majority of the Excel product packaging.

Thanks to the plastic free initiative, our customers can save up to 60% of their preparation time when they’re installing keystone jacks, as these products are available in multipacks of 24, supplied in a simple 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard tray as opposed to individual single-use plastic bags.

By switching to “natural” brown packaging options, we will be reducing our annual single-use plastic bag usage by more than 16 million bags. This is the equivalent to over 40 tonnes of single-use plastic being removed from the supply chain and replaced with 100% recyclable packaging.