Cef-Fi Announcement

RWL Advanced Solutions are pleased to announce our latest Vendor Partnership with Nextivity Inc.


In today’s business environment Cellular coverage has gone from a nice to have to a business requirement, RWL have entered a partnership with Nextivitity Inc. to provide Cellular coverage in buildings boosting the signal by 100Db per Network Operator.

Have you ever experienced poor network signal in your office with calls dropping out? Or had important calls break up at the most in-opportune moment?

There is now an OFCOM approved booster solution that can help eradicate this issue with the ability to boost 3G, 4G & LTD voice and data for all UK Networks.  The solution is Legal to install and use in the UK and is only provided by Cel-Fi from Nextitivity.

Nextivity Inc. develops the award-winning Cel-Fi products that optimise cellular coverage in enterprise, business, residential and transportation applications. Cel-Fi products are self-configuring, carrier-approved, and unconditionally network safe; leveraging the IntelliBoast chipset to deliver the industry’s highest gain at the lowest cost per square foot.  Cel-Fi is authorised by 200 carriers

To find out more about Nextivity solutions and how you can benefit from vastly improved cellular coverage in your building please contact Roger Ball at [email protected].