RWL renew membership once again with Host In Ireland

RWL Renew membership with Host In Ireland

RWL Advanced Solutions are delighted to have renewed their membership with Host in Ireland for 2023.

Being a member of Host in Ireland ecosystem reflects the unique role digital infrastructure coming from Ireland with global and Irish companies.

RWL Advanced Solutions and Host in Ireland no longer just focus on what makes Ireland an intrinsic home to digital infrastructure but equally focus on why companies (RWL Advanced Solutions) are so successful in the data centre market globally.

In the words of Garry Connolly (founder of Host in Ireland) “Digital infrastructure is helping solve the biggest challenges we face as a society. At a time of uncertainty in the broader tech industry, digital infrastructure coming from Ireland remains a bright spot. Our partners are actively hiring and exporting services around the world and the optimism they feel is reflected in the 82% positivity index in our annual business sentiment survey”.

We look forward to seeing what 2023 brings- stay tuned for updates.

For further information contact [email protected]